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Hello! Are you a business looking to import unique, hand made bags, accessories and more?

“We love Motif–always friendly and attentive!” – Ganesha Open House, UK, 2014

Welcome to Motif! From ’98 til now we’re helping importers grow their offering of unique, hand crafted home décor, bags and more from Bangladesh. We also enjoy working together on custom design projects – after all, you know your customers much better than we do!

Are you a retailer in the USA?

We’d love you to meet our fast & friendly distributor Minga Fair Trade Imports. As you Register or Log-in over there be sure and tell them Hi! from us.

For other info there’s our FAQ page, but feel free to contact us directly.

Are you an importer outside the USA?

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If you’re new to Motif we’ll be back in touch in a few days to validate your account request. For other info there’s our FAQ page, but feel free to contact us directly.

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It’s great to work with your team at Motif, you’re all very helpful and responsive. Thank you!

Mondo Trading Company, Canada

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