Sustainable solutions will always be brilliant ideas. Sometimes they percolate and emerge slowly. Other times it’s a ‘Eureka!’ moment … maybe even in the bath surrounded by sustainable bubbles! Either way, you’ve no idea just when and how the next brilliant idea is going to strike.

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It could be a stunning view, some curious textures, exquisite lines, a wild juxtaposition of random elements, in fact anything that catches your eye and makes your heart skip is the seed of what’s to come. Even the constraint of materials, lack of resources, crazy deadlines and more ‘negatives’ are often sparks that ignite the flame of creativity. Exciting!

And then …

Getting all that good stuff onto paper, screen, wood, fabric – whatever! – is the first step. Gathering eco-friendly material swatches is next, and that’s when it gets exciting for me too … just ask designer Mrs Emily, the kind of fun we have working on her skirt fabrics and other projects, like her leather Bangladesh Belt Bag.

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Experienced support on hand

You may be an emerging or established designer, conscious of today’s people and planet issues. Be assured, Motif Handmade has decades of experience working with professional artisans to bring your ideas to life. And, with an equally savvy team in charge of all the export / import stuff – we’ll answer all your questions so you can sleep at night.

Does designing custom handwoven fabric sound a little like the wild side of crazy? Maybe! Especially if right now you don’t know your warp from your weft, or shuttle from your shaft! But I’m here to tell you it’s really very simple. In fact no one even knows when or where weaving began – it’s just always ‘been’ – so it can’t be that hard!

In fact I’ve put together this FREE 5 STEPS to Design & Produce Your Sustainable Handwoven Fabric so you can see how straightforward designing your own fabric can be. Just click here. After subscribing to our eco-friendly fabric lovers’ email list you’ll get brief weekly notes on all that’s new in sustainable textiles and at Motif – including offers, sneak peeks and more.

Inside info

sustainable fabric design with hand weaversThis 5 Steps guide to weaving custom fabric is threaded through with fun facts and contact info if you’ve any questions.
STEP 1 – The basics – just a few key words to know so we’re all on the same page.
STEP 2 – Gathering inspo for colours and stripes.
STEP 3 – How colour changes everything!
STEP 4 – Handweaver’s skills making it happen.
STEP 5 – Let’s get you started – simple weave software to play with and explore.

All the while I’m just a text or call away with decades of experience and many personal connections with the phenomenal artisans of Bangladesh. I’m also available for textile design contracts if that’s of interest.

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