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Monsoon Mist

Both dramatic and subtle, the monsoon skies of Bangladesh have inspired poetry, song and art for centuries, and this season’s collection of beautifully handwoven fabrics are touched by the same muse.

Colour shifts in the monsoon mist inspire this versatile collection of shot plains and delicate stripes. A palette of deep blue Storm, soft grey Mist and muted white Cloud with shafts of determined Sunlight play well together, just as they do over the fertile lands of Bengal.

Let your imagination roll with them!

Ethical Products

Whether you’re a designer or buyer, experienced or emerging, you’ll really enjoy working with our decades old network of trusted, professional small-batch manufacturers in fabric, leather, cut & sew, and more.

“I’m so excited to be working with Motif! They have fabrics I’ve never seen before, they’re perfect. And they know just how to use them in my designs. I’ve got so many more ideas now!”

Yvonne of Mama’s Got Heart

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Fabric Lines

“That’s the thing with handmade items. They still have the person’s mark on them, and when you hold them, you feel less alone.”

Aimee Bender

We and our environment are groaning under excessive industrialisation. Thoughtless mass production dulls our senses, mistreats others and trashes our planet. Ugh! Thankfully, we’re waking up to the amazing potential handmade fabrics and goods have to enrich our lives, respect their makers and relieve our planet. 



Shunno in Bangla means Zero. Recycled yarn from garment factory remnants is handwoven into stunning zero-footprint yardage. Motif closes the loop to create beautiful, ethical fabrics – the foundation of ethical fashion.


Mati in Bangla means Earth or Soil, the source of every eco-friendly fibre in this exquisite range of regional weaves and traditional needle skills. Our Mati line of fabrics will turn heads to get you, your designs, and your clients noticed.


fair trade fabric pet cushions

On-trend home & fashion accessories are crafted with artisanal expertise using only natural and recycled materials. Also your labels, tags and packaging can all be made with beautiful tree free papers and other eco-friendly supplies. 

Motif’s finished goods are available for wholesale in the US through our distributor in Wisconsin, and via export to any country directly from Bangladesh. Our experienced team is at your service with great communication and hassle-free logistics throughout your order and beyond.


“Jackie instructed, mentored and helped me through my first production experience. Her dream to connect designers with ethical manufacturing in Bangladesh made mine happen!”

Emily of Mrs. Emily

Both seasoned and emerging designers have a great experience working with us, so contact us for a chat and… let’s see!

Finished Goods

“One day we’ll wake up and Green will not be the new black, it will be the new invisible… something that all designers incorporate into their design ethos.”

Summer Rayne Oakes

In the 1950s we sold our collective designer soul. Corporate decided ‘Built In Obsolescence’ was the key to higher profit–the only measure of a healthy business.

Now thankfully, sustainable business is on the rise. Since 1989, members of the Motif team have worked together in fair trade, creating well designed goods that are ethically made and delivered to specification.


5 STEPS to Design & Produce Your Sustainable Handwoven Fabrics

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