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Since 1998 our team is always looking for ways to improve Motif’s fairtrade artisan support,  focused customer service and ethically produced range of handmade goods. Different faith backgrounds blend well as we work together with one fair trade vision: Ensuring the 10 Fair Trade Principles remain central to our daily operations in both our office and workshop.

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Ajay is the helping hand we all need! As our Quality Control & Store Assistant he ensures all Motif goods are quality checked and packed well so that even after long shipments, you receive them in great shape. Ajay shares his happy heart with our artisans’ children and other visitors too. Drop in and enjoy Ajay’s famous adda cha (ginger tea) with us as he shares the family ethos we hold so dear.

Enjoying time with Shopnil


Jackie is Motif’s Founder and a designer who loves connecting like minded designers and buyers with the amazingly talented artisans of Bangladesh – especially handweavers! These are her own textile design roots. Since 1989 together they’ve been creating goods that export markets value and generating respectful work for many. In ’98 she set up Motif in Dhaka, the nation’s capital and in 2019 established Motif Handmade in the US.

Jackie also enjoys leading design & marketing workshops for fellow artisan based social businesses.

Happiest designing in a village


Jharna is a Motif Director. Her blend of humor, dignity and discipline is the heartbeat of our workshop and helps us consistently meet our targets. Jharna is our Coordinator & Production Supervisor … and everyone’s mother as she listens with a caring heart! In our weekly Executive Team Meetings she ensures things get done and throughout the week watches that we reduce wastage and work efficiently at all times. Jharna’s commitment to the growth of Motif for everyone’s security, is total.

Everybody’s Ma


Limon has worked off and on at Motif over many years. One time he and his brother set up their own tailoring shop. Sadly it didn’t work out for them long term and so it was great news when he wanted to come home to us again. However now he’s married and starting a family of his own – so it may be a while before we see him again! Limon’s cheeky sense of humour always made us smile and he’s welcome any time.

Always a ready smile


Mukul is our right-hand man, his tenacious qualities ensure we get the best deals on raw materials and when it’s time to export, those same qualities ensure everything goes out on time with all paperwork intact. As our Executive – Export & Administration, Mukul also regularly checks the status of orders from suppliers. He ensures production issues are addressed and that our Fair Trade standards are being kept by all.

Keeping things moving!


Although now overseas, Nayan is very much with us in spirit. For over 15 years, Nayan’s cool head and kind nature helped establish the systems Shoma is now responsible for.

A good foundation


Nurul was a founding Director of Motif who sadly passed a few years later. His expertise in marketing and management was vital for Motif’s healthy start. We still remember him with respect and thanksgiving and greatly value his family.

Still inspiring us!


Shamim has worked with the weavers and craft makers of Bangladesh since the ’70s and is passionate on all issues relating to their support. His family is equally motivated and together they run UBINIG – a Bangladeshi research and lobbying organization determined to keep issues of Woman and Child Trafficking and Food Security in the headlines. Shamim is a Motif Director and is a recognised authority on handwoven textiles at home and abroad.

Visionary & activist



Shoma is Motif’s Executive – Production & Commercial and a dynamic young woman keeping us all in order. Her mother Shireen was a long time member of our sewing team, educating her daughters with her fair trade wage. After her graduation, it was super to have Shoma join our team! She’s in touch with you and keeps all details of your order in line from confirmation, production and QC, through to dispatch from Dhaka.

Professional and fun


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