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About Our Fabrics

Ethical fashion starts with ethical fabrics. Ethical fabrics start with ethical yarns and production.

Our Shunno fabrics are skillfully handwoven, zero carbon, with beautiful recycled yarns, zero waste, that use either natural dyes or are not dyed, zero toxicity, by fair trade weavers, zero exploitation, in vibrant village communities, zero migration for work..

Some Mati fabrics are handwoven using ancient skills, some are made using traditional sewing, batik, and block printing techniques. All use cotton, jute and other indigenous plant fibres making them eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable.

And there’s more! All vehicles used to transport raw materials and finished goods in Bangladesh, are fueled by eco-friendly compressed natural gas sourced in country. Amazing!

Our Vision

A world where every brand and designer’s first choice is ethically handcrafted fabrics made of natural and recycled fibres for every suitable project – because their customers won’t tolerate anything less.

Where experienced artisans pass their skills to young ones keen for this to be their profession, because it is well-respected, a source of good income and has a bright future.

Where local and global environments are healthier because the loop on material use is closed creating a drastic drop in carbon emissions.

Where families are no longer forced to separate and find work elsewhere, because whole communities are gainfully employed in craft based work, ensuring good health, education and economic growth for everyone.

Our Mission

To ensure designers everywhere have easy access to sustainable handmade fabrics with transparency at every stage. Ethically hand produced textiles, both made in collaboration and from our stock, improve the design world’s environmental impact and create work that keeps families together.

In Bangladesh we partner with professional artisans ensuring the traditional crafts that have sustained generations, will survive and thrive. In this deepening ecologically aware era, we need their vital skills more than ever.

Recycled Fabrics

Our trusted partner, Cyclo Recycled Fibers, has spent over a decade refining the process that takes garment factory waste intended for landfill and recycles it into beautiful yarns ready for experienced weavers to create amazing fabrics … as you can see here!

Natural Fabrics

Fabrics made with plant fibres naturally help you breathe and feel rested. Fine handspun, handwoven khadi fabrics literally feel like a whisper, whilst the cosy, heavier cloth offers a special kind of hug … try them and see!

5 STEPS to Design & Produce Your Sustainable Handwoven Fabrics

Step into a world of handmade wonders!

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