Can I buy Motif goods from this site?

Yes! All registered businesses: designers, wholesalers, retailers and more are welcome.

Please request an account. We really look forward to hearing from you!

In the USA your business may be better served by our US distributor Minga Fair Trade Imports, a fast, friendly and professional wholesale team that carries a growing selection of Motif goods. If so we’ll suggest that option for you, otherwise your account will be validated in 2-3 business days.

Custom orders? Please contact us directly with your ideas – we love to bring them to life!

Personal gifts? Please visit our Etsy Gift Store for many more gorgeous goodies to choose from!

How do I open an account with Motif?

Very simple! Just fill in a few lines here, including the prices best suited to your needs: Wholesale – Low MOQs from the US or Export – High MOQs from Bangladesh. We’ll review your request and open your account in just 2 – 3 business days. If needed we’ll be in touch for any further info and look forward to welcoming you.

How do I collaborate with Motif?

Please Contact Us – because your ideas can become a reality! You know your customer better than we do and so we listen well to your thoughts. Founder Jackie Corlett is a designer with decades of experience living and working together with many professional artisans in Bangladesh.

Within 1 or 2 complementary chats, she can pinpoint the best artisan partnership for your project and is involved throughout the sampling, order, delivery and follow up. A mutual agreement is created and signed before work begins.

How do I place an order?

Wholesale Customers: Please shop at Motif Handmade the same as any other website until the checkout. At that point no money will be exchanged.* We review your order, then confirm the details and delivery date for your shipment. On receipt of payment by bank transfer or business cheque your order will be packed and sent within 1-2 business days.

*Indeed it takes a little longer to process, but cutting out the card merchants …

Export Customers: Please shop at Motif Handmade the same as any other website until the checkout. At that point no money will be exchanged. We review your order, then confirm the details and delivery date for your shipment. When were all agreed, production begins on receipt of a 50% advance payment direct to our bank in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Details are sent at that time. Please click here for more detailed info.

Do you have any minimums or discounts?

Hand & Cloth display Motif’s kantha work.

Yes we do. Here they are for both Wholesale and Export customers.

Sustainable Fabrics can be purchased wholesale here in the US with MOQ 10yds.
Ethical Products can be purchased wholesale here in the US through our Wisconsin based distributor. The available selection is at this link.

A minimum of 50pcs per item and a minimum goods total of $2,000 per order.
Minimums are negotiable, so please contact us with any queries.
Bulk discounts are available on 500pcs per item and above.
Custom goods are always a minimum of 100pcs per item. 

Please click here for more detailed info.

How is my order shipped and how long will it take?

Jharna checks a shipment.

Jharna checks an order ready to go.

At Motif we prefer where possible to #recycleraw  – collecting packing materials and boxes to reuse as they are. We hope you’ll #secondthat and reuse it all too! The parcel may not be too pretty on arrival, but oh! … what a pearl you’ll find inside 🙂
On receipt of payment, your order is packed and shipped within 2-3 days by USPS. Due to the impact of Covid19 delivery may be 3 – 10 days.

Depending on the urgency, volume, weight and destination we will suggest the best option for your order. These shipping times are estimates, revised because Covid19 has caused the disruption of many supply chains. We will keep you informed on the delivery of your order.

By Courier: 3-10 days
By Air: within a 3 weeks
By Sea: 4 – 8 weeks

Motif can consolidate orders from other suppliers in Bangladesh and work with named shipping agents if preferred. Please click here for more detailed info.

How can I be a distributor of Motif goods?

We’re really happy you ask that question! We look forward to starting a conversation with you to find if indeed we are good fit for each other. Please contact us.

What is Fair Trade?

A Motif team meeting.

Here’s what makes trade more equitable and fair:

  1. Opportunities for disadvantaged producers
  2. Transparency and accountability
  3. Fair Trade practices
  4. Fair payment
  5. No child labour. No forced labour
  6. No discrimination. Gender equity. Freedom of Association
  7. Good working conditions
  8. Capacity building
  9. Promote Fair Trade
  10. Respect for the environment

For a detailed description please visit the World Fair Trade Organisation site.

Motif is an active member of ECOTA , the national Fair Trade certifying body of Bangladesh. ECOTA is a member of the World Fair Trade Organization.

Why is Fair Trade important?

Nasma and her son Raju.

Just as we expect to be properly paid and respected for our work, Fair Trade lets us properly pay and respect those who produce all we eat, use and wear – it’s only fair.

At Motif we see first hand the amazing shift that happens for families with a Fair Trade wage earner, often women, as head of their household. Nasma’s son is the first in her family ever to go to school, Shireen’s daughter Shoma, was able to take a computing course and now works for Motif, and so much more.

How do I know it’s a Fair Trade product?

Once upon a time, in the ’90s Pre-Internet Era when Motif set up, just about everyone in the Alternative Trade Organization world knew each other – it was a small family and trust was high. 

As the Internet began connecting us and sharing information, our Fair Trade Family grew so large so quickly that a way to recognise and trust new family members was needed – and so Third Party Accreditation systems came along. 

Over the years criteria to gain accreditation have been refined and there are now certification logos identifying a Fair Trade product and/or producer. Many national accrediting bodies exist too, so be sure and check for those in your own country. 

Is Motif Fair Trade certified?

Motif is a certified member of the following Fair Trade organisations:

ECOTA, the national Fair Trade certifying body of Bangladesh. ECOTA is a member of the World Fair Trade Organization. Motif’s founder, Jackie Corlett, runs regular workshops for fellow artisan enterprise members on design, production, marketing, export and business processes.

The Artisan Alliance, a dynamic network of artisan and commercial businesses; pioneers in Fair Trade and also those new to this world of social enterprise.


Chicago Fair Trade, the largest Fair Trade City in the USA. Motif is proud to be one of CFT’s earliest members and committed to seeing it thrive.

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