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Designers and buyers from all over the world enjoy exploring the vast potential of working with the skilled artisans of Bangladesh. Inspired by the vibrant culture, warm welcomes and ancient traditions this rich little nation has won the hearts of many!

Exciting collaborations on quality fashion accessories, home textiles, leather bags and more combine eco-friendly materials and ethical production. Over the decades Motif’s expertise in design and production has grown a network to include certified fair trade cut & sew units for small-batch and larger orders, leather goods manufacturers, hand weavers, basket makers, paper producers and many other talented partners. We’re a big extended family and really look forward to having you join us!

Recycled sari kantha bed runner. Hand stitched and dyed with natural dyes. Detail.
Eco-friendly fabric throw, handwoven with recycled cotton yarn. Go Zero fabrics.

Our Vision

Well integrated global design and sustainable production systems mean entire artisan communities, who hold the traditions of generations, are respectfully employed. There’ll be work enough to ensure hand craft methods play a vital role in the ethical mass production of goods to meet our basic needs and a few eco-friendly luxuries too!

Our Mission

To bring designers and buyers concerned about the integrity of their supply chains into relationship with professional fair trade artisans in Bangladesh.

Connecting creatives who know their own unique customers, with makers recognised nationally and internationally for their skills, ensures dynamic relationships at many levels. Designers get to know the amazing people and process behind their goods. Artisans work with integrity as their skills are valued. Entire communities are benefited with respectful, local employment. And ultimately both the environment and end consumer enjoy the fruit of beautiful, ethical and eco-friendly goods.

Eco-friendly fabric throw, handwoven with recycled cotton yarn. Go Zero fabrics.

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