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We are proud to promote the exceptional work of professional artisans in Bangladesh. All our products are hand made to high standards of quality with a wide variety of natural and recycled materials. This amazing process of bringing unique materials to life with the skill of human hands is truly awe inspiring – and we’re glad you think so too!

The pristine, machine made perfection and monotonous sameness that dulls our senses gives way to organic textures, traditional techniques and phenomenal people – lots of us – all making and using the handmade in ways that benefit both us and our planet!

So, if you find a rare flaw in our hand-crafted fabrics or products please receive it as a friendly wink from the maker, a moment of connection between you that says ‘I’m seen, and so are you!’ However, be assured, there won’t be so many winks that you’ll think we’re flirting 😉

Motif Information

Motif Ltd. registered in Dhaka, Bangladesh was established in 1998 and is a Joint Venture Private Limited Company.

Motif Handmade Inc. registered in Illinois, USA was established in 2019 and is an S Corp.

Bangladesh Office:   

31/12 Block D, Taj Mahal Rd., Mohammadpur, Dhaka 1207, BANGLADESH
C: +880 (0)1911 344269
E: jackie@motifhandmade.com

US Office:

201 E. Church Street
Royal, IL 61871, USA
C: +1 217 552 0537
E: jackie@motifhandmade.com

US Distributor:

Minga Fair Trade Imports
961 Park Drive, Block D, Lake Geneva, WI 53147, USA
T: (262) 248-8790
E: sales@mingaimports.com

Distributors & Agents

We really appreciate our increasingly international clientele. And we love to hear when you’re excited to bring ethically handmade sustainable fabrics and goods to your unique customers! Click about us to find out more and then please contact us to start a conversation.


This website is the official website of MOTIF HANDMADE INC. The copyright and the database rights are owned by MOTIF HANDMADE INC. The website and all intellectual property rights in its displayed product ranges, text, design, graphics, along with their selection and arrangement, together with the MOTIF HANDMADE registered trademark belong to MOTIF HANDMADE INC.

This website is designed, developed and maintained by Clearly Presentable.

Website Use

If you’re registered with MOTIF HANDMADE then feel free to use all images and information from our website to promote and/or reference MOTIF HANDMADE and our products. Promotions in any media are fine however, we’d really appreciate a sample of, or link to, how and where our material is used. This is for our own info AND to show our amazing artisan partners just where their wonderful work turns up! Please contact us as we’re happy to offer more images and information as needed.

Order Information


All orders are processed in Illinois, USA. Payment is made by bank transfer or business cheque. On receipt of payment your order is packed and shipped within 2-3 days by USPS.

Process & Payment

All orders are processed in Illinois, USA.
Your online order is quickly reviewed, discussed if necessary, and an Order Confirmation including delivery and payment details is sent in 1-2 business days. Payment can be made online, by cheque, ACH or wire transfer to our USA account. Payment terms are Net 30 days. All prices listed on this website are US$ and payment is in US$.

MOQ: Noted on each fabric or product listing.
Minimum Fabrics Value: US$150
Minimum Custom Screen-Printed Goods: 100pcs / SKU / design / colour
Sample Orders: As discussed and agreed.
Minimums are negotiable, please contact us with any queries.

Packing & Lead Time
At Motif we prefer where possible to #recycleraw  – collecting packing materials and boxes to reuse as they are. We hope you’ll #secondthat and reuse it all too! The parcel may not be too pretty on arrival, but oh! … what a pearl you’ll find inside!

USPS delivery is at present 3 to 10 business days due to Covid19 disruptions.


All orders are produced and processed in Bangladesh. Payment is made to our business account in USA. Delivery is direct by sea or air from Bangladesh to most other countries around the world.

Process & Payment

All orders are produced and processed in Bangladesh.
Your online order is quickly reviewed, discussed if necessary, and an Order Confirmation including delivery and payment details is sent in 3-5 business days. Payment can be made by cheque, ACH or wire transfer to our USA account. All prices listed on this website are US$ and payment is in US$.

Order Confirmation
On receipt of your order, all prices and details are checked. Any queries about product changes, labeling, packaging, packing & shipping options, etc. are addressed at that time. After clarifying all details an Order Confirmation is sent from Motif to you and must be agreed before production begins.

MOQ for fabrics: 150yds (at min. 25yds per weft colour)
MOQ for products: 100 – 500 per item
Minimum Goods Value: US$2,000
Sample Orders: As discussed and agreed.

Minimums are negotiable, please contact us with any queries.

Lead Time
As soon as all details relating to your order are agreed, production begins. Production is usually completed and goods ready to send from Bangladesh within 60 – 90 days. This is an approximate time-frame, we suggest a more accurate schedule based on your order.

Advance Payment
Your order is quickly reviewed and discussed, with an Order Confirmation including delivery and payment details sent in 2-5 business days. Production begins on receipt of a 50% advance payment online, by cheque, ACH or wire/telegraphic transfer (TT) to our USA account. Lead time quoted is counted from this date. Please contact us with any queries at any time. We’ll get back to you within 1 – 2 business days.

Balance Payment
An Invoice is sent when all costs have been finalized and can be added to the remaining 50% of the goods value. The balance of payment must be paid prior to dispatch of your order so that our bank can release the export documentation.

NOTE: 100% of invoice value must be received into our account before shipment if not the bank is delayed with the export paperwork. This in turn delays the delivery date to you. No charge is made to receive the TT. All charges to send the TTs are covered by you our customer

Letter of Credit (LC)
For orders exceeding US$50,000 (US$ fifty thousand), we request that a Confirmed LC be opened in our name, Motif Ltd. Bank details are sent with the Order Confirmation notice and production begins on receipt of the LC by our bank. Lead time quoted is counted from this date. Please contact us with any queries.

All prices listed on this website are US$ FOB By Air (see below) and payable in US$. Payment in other major currencies may be discussed and agreed before commencing production of your order.

Labeling & Packaging
We are happy to meet the labeling requirements of your particular markets. Please inform us at the time of ordering of your labeling requirements and any other special packaging and/or instructions.

Both air and sea shipments are packed in 7 ply corrugated cardboard boxes. The box dimensions are approx. 60cm x 40cm x 52cm / 24” x 16” x 20” and weight is approx. 2.2 kg / 5 lbs. The type of packing that MOTIF HANDMADE uses ensures your products arrive in good condition. Specialised packaging and packing materials are available, costs are provided according to your instructions.

Delivery Information

At Motif, we work with a very reputable Freight Forwarder. We also work with a number of Freight Forwarding and Courier companies nominated by our buyers. Please be assured the timely delivery of your shipment is our prime concern. The best shipping option for your order is discussed and agreed before production begins.

Customs Information

Before finalizing the order, even if you have imported from Bangladesh before, please contact your local Customs Office for further information on importing from Bangladesh as laws, rules, and charges vary widely and revisions are made. Let us know in good time anything we can do to support you.

Express Mail Service (EMS) or Courier Service

These services are used for sample orders of 2 – 3 boxes weight max. 20kg (44lbs) per box. Shipment is by air direct to your address with no export formalities from Bangladesh.

To use this option for delivery of goods for sale please contact your local Customs Office and follow their guidelines on any payable tariffs, etc. Please let us know in good time what we may need to prepare for you to meet your local Customs Office requirements.

Free On Board (FOB)

Motif covers all the handling, customs and transport charges to transfer the order from our store onto the plane or ship. After that, all the freight and handling charges required to transport and receive the order are the responsibility of you our customer. At Motif, we can suggest an agent at your end that could help with the import procedures to land and release the order. You are also free to receive the goods yourself or nominate your own agent.

Cost & Freight (C&F)

Motif covers all the handling, customs, transport and freight charges from our store until the order lands at the designated port of entry in your country (by air or sea). You may receive the goods yourself, through a nominated agent or Motif can also arrange an agent and cover all the import duties and charges in one amount.

By Air or Sea

Motif’s Office in Bangladesh is based in Dhaka, the capital, about 1 hour from the international airport. All the FOB prices listed online include all transport and handling charges from our office to the airport.

The international seaport for Bangladesh is approx. 250 miles SE of Dhaka and requires an additional transportation charge. This amount depends on the size of your order. We do however encourage shipping by sea as for orders over 1cbm in volume, approx. 9 cartons, it is usually cheaper and is definitely the more eco-friendly option. Depending on the destination, sea shipments can take between 4 to 10 weeks.

Insurance against loss, damage or theft of the order whilst in transit is the client’s responsibility.

Based on your order details and our research, we suggest the best shipping option for you.

Amendments to Terms and Conditions

We at Motif are happily a growing business thanks to your custom. As we continue to grow, our Terms and Conditions are occasionally revised. Please visit these pages on a regular basis to keep updated on any changes.



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