In the last 3-5 years the environmental and social impact of our consumer choices is increasingly front and centre in the public space. We not only need to be informed, we want to be. We want good information so as to make more eco-friendly choices. We want to see sustainable progress that we play a part in – no matter how small. And, we want to understand what’s being said so we can better contribute.

‘Closing the Loop’ is just one of many terms in this green space we’re all a part of. But what does it mean?

To answer this here’s Cyclo Fibers, a dynamic business in Dhaka, Bangladesh committed to closing the loop for 10+ years,

We wanted to close the loop on this booming industry by re-using the textile waste from the garment factories, recycling it into new yarns, and returning it to those same garment factories again, so that they in turn can use it to produce new fabrics and garments for their customers. Cyclo Fibers.

Go Zero fabric warp sample with Cyclo yarn.

Go Zero fabric warp sample with Cyclo yarn.

Motif is proud to be partnering with Cyclo Fibers to source recycled cotton yarns for our handwoven fabrics, specifically for the Go Zero collection. At the moment we’re still in the R&D phase but very much looking forward to what’s ahead. And so it seems are many others … for which we’re glad! Look at this news from a recent textile trade fair in India,

“The demand for the recycled yarn is growing,” said Surat-based Tribeni Group of Companies Director Abhinav Garg. “Recycled polyester yarn is made from PET bottles and European fabric manufacturers insist on using this yarn because it helps sustain the environment. With the popularity of recycled polyester yarn, we also see the demand for virgin yarn going down.” The Tribune, Ludhiana – India

This is not a trend, it’s a movement, it’s the future and it’s being driven by the increasingly aware consumer who will not settle for less. Companies are now excited to invest in these sustainable initiatives and provide more alternatives in the market. And yet that scenario begs another question – as many eco-conscious shoppers move to reduce consumption will the market ever become saturated with sustainable offerings that are to be recycled yet again?

Jackie_CorlettThankfully many creative problem solvers are out there determined to close the loop in myriad ways. It’s up to us to keep bringing environmental and social issues into our office chats, social media posts and community events, being well informed and ready to raise awareness anywhere!

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Jackie Corlett

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