Recycled yarn hand dyed with natural dyes seems almost normal now! Sustainable fabrics are here to stay and thankfully there’s a growing number to choose from. But, here’s a thought … what if there were no colours, if life really was a black & white movie in various tones of grey? Ufff! I don’t want to dwell on that thought at all! But how important is colour to you, and have you ever wondered where it comes from?

I wish you could’ve been there! I shared a whole day of natural dyeing with fellow fibre lovers – up to our gills in barks, beetles, flowers, leaves and seeds – glorious! We really got to see where colour comes from. These beautiful Cosmos flowers yield a stunning orange that gets deeper the longer it’s in the dye.

A friend intrigued to dye for the first time whispered,  “It’s magic!” and I recalled how in many cultures the dyer is seen as somewhat of an alchemist. The ability to create colour from plants being akin to something other-worldly, a mystery.

Natural Dye Fabrics

This ancient craft is practised the world over and so of course we want to show off the beautiful natural dyes of Bangladesh in our seasonal range called Enchanted Threads – loving the idea of naturally dyed yarns containing a mystery that’s cast throughout the fabric.

Natural dye fabrics with seeds, indigo and coconutHere recycled yarns are dyed by hand with Seeds, Indigo and Coconut. They’re then skillfully hand woven into versatile fabrics – especially good for cosying up in through Autumn, Winter and into those first chilly weeks of Spring.

More about this next week but for now, listen to what your favourite fabrics whisper to you … and let me know!

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