Did you know that designing is essentially creative problem solving?

No matter what you’re designing, clothes, cars, interiors, what’s for dinner, what to wear, or how to keep the dog in … you’re solving a problem creatively. It’s something just about everyone has some skill in. Designers have enough to make it their career.

What’s interesting about designers in the fashion industry is that it’s a very complex world with knotty, convoluted problems that – when given the opportunity – most designers will rise to. Sparking solutions left, right and centre!

Creative Problem Solvers

Many ingenious textile solutions are now available on line at The Future Fabrics Virtual Expo. Motif’s fabrics are there, made in the most sustainable way of all, by hand. You’ll also see future ready fibres currently grown in labs! Our mission is to spark the innate skill of designers to solve man-made problems with handmade fabrics!

How is that possible?

I’m glad you asked! The training we share, 5 STEPS to Design & Produce Your Sustainable Handwoven Fabric ensures that together as we create your beautiful fabrics, perfect for your collection and clients, we also help create even bigger solutions. Here’s the mini-scoop:

  • Your creativity saves you time, money and energy by creating your fabrics from scratch, rather than scouring dead-stock shelves and more.
  • Using yarns recycled from local garment factory remnants has all these amazing benefits.

  • Handwoven fabrics have a near zero carbon footprint in production.
  • Fair trade certified weaving communities create work that’s respectful, well rewarded and ensures traditional skills continue to serve them and future generations.
  • Local communities are strengthened with a healthy handloom industry, reducing the impact of climate change and risk of human trafficking in rural Bangladesh.

See how it’s possible!

Who is the training for?

Cutting edge designers keen to be part of the solution, this is for you. Are you a student or setting up, looking to build sustainability into your business model from the start? It’s for you. Are you established, looking for signature fabrics that no-one else has? It’s for you. Are you a textile hound keen to discover more? It’s definitely for you!

The process is simple, you’re a designer, you’ll get it even if you’ve never woven before. I promise!

Please take a moment and think about how you usually source fabric. Check out our training: 5 STEPS to Design & Produce Your Sustainable Handwoven Fabric, see if it’s a fit for you now or maybe in the future, and contact me with any questions – I’d love to hear from you!

Please share this blog with curious or keen designers you know who could be interested. Let’s get this new, yet most ancient, way of sourcing fabric on the map. Creating truly beautiful solutions at every level, just like designers are born to do and be. We need you!

Here’s to making things, all things, better together!

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