On 24th April 2013 the Rana Plaza garment factory in Bangladesh collapsed killing over 1,100 people and leaving over 2,500 badly injured. Since then the reality of ‘fast-fashion’ has become headline news and movements the world over are pressing harder and harder for change in the system.

To mark that horrific event The Fashion Revolution, a dynamic activist group, calls an annual Fashion Revolution Week at this time of year across the world. The rally cry is, “Who Made My Clothes?” It’s a grand effort to ensure we, and especially big brand fashion, recognise the individuals who with their own hopes, fears and dreams are making our clothes. Changes are happening but why, after 7 years, are they still in need of basic labour rights?

Mrs Emily skirt

Mrs Emily skirt made with ABSOLUTE fabric.

At Motif Handmade we don’t make clothes but we do make cloth. Although you’ll not likely see handmade fabrics stitched into fast-fashion garments, you can see how this sustainable fashion designer, Mrs Emily transforms them into fantastic slow-fashion skirts!

Motif Handmade fabrics are made in line with the 10 globally accepted Fair Trade principles. Issues of sustainability are addressed in detail concerning both people and our planet at every stage of fabric production.

This week I’ll post a short blog each day to document the process of creating our sustainable ABSOLUTE fabric range. Handmade, fair trade fabrics have a near zero carbon footprint and ensure a good living wage for all involved. Both vital details in #TheManualRevolution we’re working for.

Cyclo Recycled Fibers

Cyclo Recycled Fibers

Just how many skilled artisans are needed to create a handwoven fabric?  The answer may surprise you. In fact you’ll see how it really does ‘take a village’! The first step however comes even before we get to the weavers … First of all we need the yarn!

Working with Cyclo Recycled Fibers in Bangladesh we now have a supply of certified eco-friendly yarn as the basis for our ABSOLUTE near zero fabrics. Check out their video here and tune in tomorrow for what happens next.

To keep posted on #themanualrevolution and other issues of sustainability, please use the # and join our Eletter list here. We’ll help fuel your part in it!

Jackie Corlett
Founder & Creative Director
Motif Handmade

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