With the Fashion Revolution Week falling in the midst of a global lockdown many creative alternatives to public demonstrations and gatherings are emerging. See below for what we’re up to at Chicago Fair Trade.

At Motif we’re keen to get you up to speed on just 2 key issues in fair trade, handmade production:
1. Many people are involved in the hand production of what we eat, use and wear, with each person ensuring their family can face even uncertain days like these with dignity and resources.

2. Traditional hand production techniques require little to no carbon energy, use sustainable, locally available raw materials and yield waste that’s usually recycled or repurposed to meet another need.

STEP 2 in creating handwoven fabric demonstrates both points beautifully.


To sew with our fair trade, handmade fabrics check out our Facebook Shop.

Til tomorrow and STEP 3,

Jackie Corlett
Founder & Creative Director
Motif Handmade

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