It’s a beautiful thing that Earth Day falls in Fashion Revolution Week. The worst excesses of the Industrial Revolution are seen in the fashion industry. Human rights abuses and environmental disasters were common then and now, 250 years later, how much has changed?

The fast fashion industry continues to support a system of poverty. In order to meet their basic needs, workers must work extremely long hours for minimal pay. The fashion industry is also responsible for high carbon emissions, wastewater production, and large amounts of landfill waste. Fast fashion is second only to oil as the world’s largest polluter.

These two key points are why both fair trade principles and environmental concerns are top priority in our handwoven, near zero footprint fabric production. We need a #manualrevolution.

STEP 3 in handwoven fabric production demonstrates them well.


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Til tomorrow and STEP 4,

Jackie Corlett
Founder & Creative Director
Motif Handmade

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