Aaaaaand drum roll pllllease … For our grand finale I’m proud to introduce one wonderful sustainable fashion designer Emily Harris of Mrs Emily!

Emily has taken our #zerowaste, near #zerocarbon fabric and played with it … making such beautiful discoveries as to how well it falls, how robust it is and how much fun it is to wear!

This fabric is HAND WOVEN by families earning a fair wage in safe conditions, so each yarn reminds me of just how significant this fabric truly is. I just received it this week from Bangladesh, where it is woven with recycled yarns. The whole process is amazing to me and I’m HONORED to be able to finish the cycle and make it into skirts!      19th March ’20, @MrsEmily, Instagram


And that brilliantly wraps up our Fashion Revolution Week 2020 focus. I hope you’ve enjoyed it, that you’re now more curious to know about what goes into all we wear and use AND that just maybe, you’re inspired to experiment with our sustainable fabrics for your own home and clothing needs … go on … you know you want to!

To sew with our fair trade, handmade fabrics check out our Facebook Shop.

Trusting you continue to stay safe and well as we navigate these unchartered times together,

Jackie Corlett
Founder & Creative Director
Motif Handmade

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