Fashion business coaching is not for the faint of heart! Especially when sustainability issues are taken seriously. It’s a tough industry and only the best last the course. At recent trade shows I met such a coach, Fashion Angel Warrior, and got to know founder, Christine Daal.

I was invited to speak to designers going through her programme about our sustainable fabrics. Christine’s integrity and passion as a coach is profound. She’s committed to making your fashion business thrive. So I happily said ‘Yes!’, to sharing the invitation to her next 8 person mastermind group, SOAR.

Read on! Why? Because, if it’s for you – you’ll know. And if it’s not – you may know someone to share this opportunity with. Enjoy!

“From where I was 6 months ago ‘til now….yeah you can’t put a price on that.” – Jelena

These are the exact words from one of Fashion Angel Warrior’s SOAR Mastermind Members.

The end of the year is approaching, sure you’re probably gearing up for your big holiday sale push but will you meet your sales goals?

And after the holidays are over, then what? Do you have a marketing plan in place to propel you forward for 2023?

If you’re not so sure, then Fashion Angel Warrior invites you to apply to their BRAND NEW group coaching program called SOAR Mastermind.

What is the SOAR Mastermind all about?

Well, you can check out their brand new website here to learn more, but it’s basically a girl gang of women who all want to empower and build each other up – with space for guys too!

This group has so much fun AND every single member has reported an increase in confidence which has led to amazing things happening in their business such as:

  • Winning awards like Best Accessories California State
  • Getting their designs on the cover of fashion magazines
  • Getting their first wholesale order
  • Being accepted into 6 music festivals (which half were by invite only)
  • Being able to raise prices, hire help, make more money, and so much more!

After working with hundreds of brands FAW has found that those who have the most success are the ones who get coaching on a consistent basis.

Take for instance their client Sam.  He came to them with $500K in sales, but $600K in expenses.  After working together for a year they were able to:

  • Increase sales to $750K
  • Reduce operating expenses by $100K (making him profitable for the first time in his business)
  • Online sales increased 212%
  • Optimize his e-commerce site to increase conversions to 6% (average is 1-3%)
  • Optimize his email marketing to increase sales 2.5x over the previous year
  • Reorganize his team to be more efficient and cost-effective
  • And so much more!
  • Or their client Ariel who after working together we were able to grow her sales from $0- $1 Million!

Fashion Angel Warrior is seeking 8 brands that want these kinds of results.

Is this for you?

BUT there are 3 requirements.  You must already have;

  • A website up and running
  • Social media up and running
  • Product that you have received sales on

If you meet those 3 requirements, then they invite you to their Brand New 6 Month Group Coaching Mastermind called SOAR!!

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a great, supportive community of other entrepreneurs who are all in the same place as you?
One that is filled with like-minded positive individuals who are ready and willing to help you every step along the way?

“Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life forever.” – Amy Poehler

During the SOAR Mastermind you’ll meet 1x a week where you’ll get feedback from Top Fashion Coach Christine Daal, as well as other experts (even some famous designers and celebs), and the other group members on things like;

  • Your email newsletters
  • Social ads
  • Your Product Offering
  • Funnels
  • Google/Shopify analytics
  • and more!

Plus you’ll have high-level discussions like:

  • How to Build a Team/Hiring/Training etc
  • How to Put Together a Marketing Plan (we’ll actually put together one before you finish the program)
  • How to Read your P&L and cut costs
  • How to Read your Google Analytics and know where your customers are actually coming from
  • and more!

If you are interested and want results that are “priceless”, go ahead: APPLY HERE.

They’re doing this by application only, as they want to ensure everyone in the program is at the same level in business and that they can truly help you to scale.  If you qualify for the program, they’ll reach out and schedule a quick call to discuss more details.

Remember there are only 8 spots! If you’ve plateaued at let’s say $5-15K per month in sales and you realize that what got you to $5-15K is not what is going to get you to $30-40K+ per month, this is the program for you!


Who is Christine Daal?

Christine Daal of Fashion Angel Warrior

Christine Daal is the CEO & Founder of the fashion and marketing consulting agency, Fashion Angel Warrior LLC.  Her experience spans over 20 years in the industry, reaching the position of VP of Design and Merchandising by the age of 30 and then starting her own successful fashion line.  Today she coaches fashionpreneurs on how to leave their 9-5 and have a profitable business.  Through group coaching, online courses, project and digital management, and fashion manufacturing tours in NYC, LA, Miami, and Virtually, her goal is to help you turn your passion for fashion into a successful business!

Is this for you? Then be sure and Apply Now. Is it for a friend? Then be sure and share.

Either way, here’s to supporting each other as we continue to make things better together!

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