No Waste November is inspired or provoked by this month’s COP26 event to address Climate Change. And around here at Motif Handmade, that’s about ensuring eco-friendly fabric is as much a part of our norm as possible!


Maybe the opening of COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland this week is front and centre on your radar. Maybe this looks more like your phone code! Or maybe you’re somewhere in between? So that we’re all on the same acronym-laden page, here’s a brief recap:

1992/94 – The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is signed at the Earth Summit in Brazil by 154 states and ratified in 1994.
2015/16 – By now there are 196 parties to the UNFCCC who agree to The Paris Climate Accords, ratified in 2016.
2021 – The 26th annual Conference of Parties COP26, now at 197, is meeting in Scotland in partnership with Italy.

And all along, everyday people are increasingly provoked to action, by these governments’ inaction.


Photo by Callum Shaw

COP26 is worth watching for one very good reason. The last meeting, COP25, was held in December 2019. And we all know what’s been happening since.

Our world is now in a very different place than it was then, just 3 years into the Paris Agreement. Disease, natural disasters and the devastation of wars and oppression have multiplied exponentially. As have the environmental protests. No wonder one COP26 hashtag reads, THE WORLD IS WATCHING.

No Waste November

stitching vintage sari ribbon into soft cotton fabric by hand

Stitching vintage sari ribbon into soft cotton fabric .

Working together is vital, no matter how big or small the contribution, it counts. It REALLY counts! Each of us in our own worlds make a difference, and many of us get to choose what that difference can be.

My world, and maybe yours too, involves a lot of fabric! So this month, in our Instagram & Facebook posts, I’ll be sharing tips from around the world on how we can reduce, reuse, recycle and repair the fabrics in our lives. Follow us for some great insights, and let me know those you’d like to see, and share too – there’s a 10% OFF code in our Etsy Shop for you, when I receive your top tip here in November ’21!

Eco-friendly Fabric


Fabrics handwoven with recycled yarns.

Motif’s sustainable fabrics inherently support the people who make them and our planet. Materials handwoven (zero carbon), with recycled yarns (zero waste), in fair trade communities (zero exploitation) have a lot of eco-cred! BUT I can help you make your fabrics more sustainable too. Just look around you – is there anywhere within a few feet of you where there isn’t a textile of some sort? I dare you – let me know … barefoot, naked mountain climbers need not apply ;p

Honestly, follow us on IG or FB this month and you’ll be surprised at how easily the textiles your wardrobe and home, can reduce their carbon footprint. We really are in this together!

I’ll close here but, if you’ve 3-4 minutes more, please listen to the last word from Sir David Attenborough as he urges the leaders of our planet to be diligent to task.

Sir David Attenborough addresses world leaders at COP26

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