The dynamic young women you met here last week, are embracing the new as trend seasons start to change. Gorgeous recycled sari ribbon and soft natural cotton fabric are familiar materials. But a designer’s creativity for sustainable fabrics knows no end!

So how does that happen? And how can you design your own fabric?

Sustainable fabric made with recycled sari ribbon hand stitched into soft natural cotton First step – get yourself a piece of squared paper, a sharp pencil and a pile o’ fun!

Can you see that subtle check woven into the base cotton fabric? Those squares are about 1cm x 1cm and the fabric is about 75cm / 30″ wide. This grid is perfect for your imagination to run wild on – so have at it!

Girls together having fun Bollywood dancingI also want to share the fun we have after a day of working together on all those new handmade fabric designs. AKA laughing at Jackie who can’t grasp a Bollywood dance move to save her life!

Sustainable Fabrics Coming Soon!

Right now, as my fingers click these keys, the skilled fingers of these young women at A Stitch in Time are at work. They’re recycling old saris into zero waste lengths of ribbon, and carefully stitching them into our new ethical, artisanal fabrics.

To pre-order Sari Stitch fabric, log in to your trade account and place an order. Or request a trade account here. I’ll be in touch with further details.

Intrigued to design and produce your own fair trade handmade fabric? It’s possible! With recycled sari ribbon, or any other raw material, drop me a line and let’s start plotting!

AND, if you’d just love to get your hands on that gorgeous cotton check for your own projects – watch this space! It’ll arrive with all our new eco-friendly fabrics at the end of November. Yeah!

Mrs Emily skirt with Sustainable fabric made with recycled sari ribbonOR – If you really can’t wait that long – Head over to Mrs Emily’s website and grab your skirt before they’re all gone!

Looking forward to see your creativity go stir Sari Stitch crazy!

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