Indigo – Natural Dye Batik Block Print, Natural | MATI

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All natural fabrics and dyes, like this painterly indigo dyed batik print, are vital for conscious designers and brands today. This soft cotton falls beautifully and just gets softer as it’s washed and worn season after season.

Please note the narrower than usual width.

We’re here to help you create your own stunning range of sustainable, artisanal textiles whilst strengthening professional craft communities, and together protecting our planet! Just request a trade account to get started.

WIDTH: 32″ / 81cm approx.
CONTENT: 100% cotton
WEIGHT: 2.5oz / 85gsm approx.
CARE: Hand wash or gentle cycle. Air dry and iron whilst damp.
Pre-washed, slightly starched for ease of sewing. Will soften with use and wash.
USES: skirts, shorts, lightweight culottes, loose shirts … everywhere a comfy cotton belongs!
ORIGIN: Bangladesh.

MOQ Wholesale – 9 yds and increments of 9 yds
MOQ Export – 150 yds per colour, with up to 3 different patterns at 50yds each.


Eco-friendly fabrics, like this natural dye hand block print in batik, are vital players in the slow-fashion movement. Top quality mill-woven cotton is hand printed with wax soaked pattern blocks, hand carved into decorative motifs.

We’re here to help you create your own stunning range whilst strengthening professional artisanal communities, raising awareness and together protecting our planet!

DYES – 100% cotton hand dyed with the local Indigo plant.
PRODUCTION – Member of ECOTA Fair Trade Forum, the national fair trade accreditation in Bangladesh

Ethically minded brands create with total peace of mind using our মাটি | Mati collection of sustainable fabrics. Mati in Bengali means earth, the source of all plant-based fibres & dyes, and the place they’ll return to. Always.

DESIGN OPTIONS: This beautiful fabric begins with skillfully carved blocks. Designs both traditional and contemporary are used in a variety of repeat patterns and border prints. Each block is dipped in hot wax and swiftly stamped onto the fabric, where it quickly sets. The wax printed fabric is plunged into the natural dye process and emerges with the characteristic crackle of batik when the wax is later removed. The wax resists the dye leaving the block pattern clearly visible.

Your personal fabric range is absolutely possible! Motif’s founder Jackie Corlett is an experienced artisanal textile designer who’s lived and worked with professional makers in Bangladesh and elsewhere since 1989. Register for a trade account or simply scroll down, join our list, download the simple 5 STEPS to Design & Produce Your Sustainable Handwoven Fabric and let’s get started!

As we are committed to the Slow Fashion Movement, fabrics are transported by sea to leave a significantly smaller carbon footprint than sending by air and to keep the fabric cost down. If needed however, an air shipment can be arranged. We encourage you then to consider a carbon offset donation to your preferred organisation.

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