#SlowGiving is a relatively new # on the sustainability scene, yet together we can make it take off! Thankfully giving fair trade gifts has never been easier. Eco-conscious people keen to live out their sustainability values, can choose from many alternative gift ideas. Preferable of course are those that support local businesses. A quick Google search for your local fair trade shops, farmer’s markets and holiday fairs is a great place to start.

These local sources also ensure you don’t get drowned in the increasing green-wash campaigns of big brands!

Shop local, buy global!

But Slow Giving is more than a trend. Just like the movement to ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ is now mainstream, so this one is here to stay. The idea of bucking the big box stores – whether online or in person – is increasingly attractive to up-coming people & planet conscious generations. Shopping local is definitely high on the agenda, if indeed we shop at all! Many people are making food, giving simple gifts, sharing personal notes of affirmation and more. Check out the list below for some great #SlowGiving ideas.

Here’s an example of what we’re up to this season, so that if you happen to be in the Chicago area do stop by.

Every year Chicago Fair Trade, creates a beautiful pop-up shop downtown. 30+ fair trade business members display unique handmade pieces from around the world – all socio-eco positive to the max! In 2022 we’ve been up to all kinds of good, bringing ethically made gifts and sustainably sourced goodies for the whole family to Lincoln Park. Check out this wee video to see a few of us busy little eco-elves!

From 1st Nov to 24th Dec, not only are there fair trade, handmade gifts for everyone, there are plenty of goods you can bring to the table too. Think fair trade olive oils from Palestine, eco-friendly coffees from South America, slave-free chocolate from West Africa and so much more! Shopping local and buying Fair Trade global goods makes every penny REALLY count!

What else can we bring to the table?

With issues of sustainability so highly visible in the news it can be stressful. Even overwhelming, to the point of wanting to switch off. See my raised hand? Understood! That’s why by introducing fair trade and/or locally made goodies to your gatherings, you’ll find they come with a healthy side of hope.

Serve from the jar or bottle, so the source can be seen; pass around the coffee & tea selection for guests to read and choose; arrange chocolates with packaging still on or decorating a space nearby. Each is an easy way for people to see it really is the little things that count … and who knows what other great conversations can be sparked.

And if eco-gift shopping online is best for you, do check out the list below for a few more Slow Giving options, and stop by our Etsy Shop too! Our amazing team of wonder-women stitch meaningful, beautiful fashion & home accessories by hand and machine. Free shipping is from central Illinois with last shipping date 17th Dec. for the US. Slow Giving also means Low Stressing! Buy & post early is the best advice I’ve ever been given … I even did it once 😉 and it was a good year!

  • The Fair Trade Federation is the hub for many ethical enterprises in the US. Explore a literal world of gifts and goodness in their Fair Trade Holiday Gift Guide.
  • The Clothes Horse shares these 12 Top Tips to help you slip into Slow Gifting mode no trouble!
  • Simple Slow Lovely has this lovely list to get you started – though I’d use #5 with caution!

Be sure and share your ideas below for Slow Gifting this year – the more the merrier … on so many levels!

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