Importers and distributors, please contact us and let’s help expand each other’s social impact and growth. You’ll find our great goods already doing good right here!


Minga Fair Trade Imports  for online wholesale buying & store locations
Our fast and friendly distributor of many Motif goods to retailers throughout the US. If you’re a retailer please find out more and register here for their superb service. If you’re shopping for a special gift please find store locations here.

Helping Hand Partners  for online wholesale buying & shopping
Our brands make an impression. You make the difference. This mission statement says it all as we co-develop custom goods for promotional products, incentive programs, and corporate gifts.

Global Girlfriend  for online shopping
An exciting variety of green gifts, eco-friendly accessories and recycled ‘necessities’ from all over the world including exclusive pieces we design together.

Seconds Ecostore  for what’s in store!
With the mission, To change your world in seconds! this dynamic shop in Taos, New Mexico does just that by bringing the best in recycled, solar, fair trade, and totally smart products to the local area.


Ganesha  for online shopping
We started on this journey together 20+ years ago! Good relationships are at the core of Fair Trade and Ganesha continues them with all of us who supply their fun and quirky collection of bags, jewelry and more.

Ketso  for online shopping
A unique way of capturing ideas and finding solutions that can be used in large workshops, boardrooms, classrooms and even personal projects. Motif is glad to be part of this creative process now successfully being used in 52 countries and every continent except Antarctica … so far!

Manx Inspirations  for wholesale buying & online shopping
Jackie Corlett, Motif’s Founder, is from the Isle of Man and is proud to be working with this super team designing Fair Trade Manx themed goods for the Island’s award-winning museum stores and other retail outlets. Buy and ship for Manx friends and family anywhere in the world.

Shakti Man  for online shopping and to see what’s in store!
This store holds Fair Trade treasures galore on certified Fair Trade Island, the Isle of Man. Even Jo Fairley, Founder of Green & Blacks chocolate said, “Wow! This is the nicest fair trade shop in the British Isles. I wish it was on my doorstep!”



Mondo Trading Company  for what’s in store!
People from all over the world find their way to beautiful Salt Spring Island, BC. So no surprise that fair trade goods from around the globe are loved too! We work closely together to develop new designs for Mondo’s expanding collection.


Studio 71bay   for what’s in store!
A partnership in progress as together with this eco-conscious company, born of a love for Bangladesh, we develop new and exciting goods for the great folk of Melbourne. Especially those who love and support all things Fair Trade.

The Kantha Project  for online shopping
Celebrating the tactile, colourful & always unique kantha technique of India and Bangladesh – you’ll find individually selected fair-trade vintage quilts and more, including Motif’s beautiful laptop covers and sleeves!


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