Sustainable fashion is championed by conscious designers, ethical brands, and an increasing number of us who want it. We’re concerned about who makes our clothes, and how our planet is impacted in the process.

What a privilege and honour then, for Motif Handmade to be recognised with a Leadership Award by the selection panel of Common Objective. A dynamic network of professionals in the ethical fashion space.

Truth be told … I was speechless when I heard! So I checked to see if the email had gone to the right person, and got this response:

“Wonderful to hear from you. The CO judging panel were very inspired by your work and mission.”

Watch the video to see their criteria, and you’ll know why I’m BEAMING as bright as the yellow award ribbon now on my CO profile!

Sustainability award in the fashion industry

CO Leadership Award – what does it mean?

From a current Common Objective membership of 50K, leaders in sustainable fashion selected the top 100 of us for this recognition. One reason this means so much is that up and coming businesses like Motif Handmade, stand here alongside such fair trade luminaries as People Tree in the UK, A.BCH in Australia and Reformation in the US.

Follow us on Instagram this week for spotlights on fellow winners and fellow Motif fabric lovers around the world!

If you’re in the slow and sustainable fashion arena in any way, I check out CO’s amazing network of designers and suppliers committed to a conscious design industry. Membership is free and includes many top quality free resources too.

Meanwhile be sure and contact me with your ideas for the fabrics in your next project or collection. There’s definitely a way to make them happen in a much more holistically sustainable way. One that respects makers, delights wearers and gives our planet a break!

So glad that we’re in this TOGETHER!

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