As an ethical business you’re promoting sustainable lifestyles, eco-friendly goods and you’re conscious about the use of resources, right? BUT, if you’re anything like me, social media marketing puts you in a tailspin of wasted time, money and opportunity – not such a great use of those resources!

At Motif Ajay and Shapnil above, get social with social media in the most social way possible – face to face – and enjoy it!

For now tho’ I’m re-working Motif’s social media as there’s a new collection we’re launching later this summer and to a different customer than we’re used to – so all this research is very real! A sneak-peak into those goodies at the end 😉



Shoma checking our Motif FB page!

Many of us small business types have a buckshot approach to social media: a page on Facebook, a profile on Twitter, etc. but links and posts are random and disorganized. Social media is an important marketing tactic, however like any task it’s more powerful and efficient when there’s a plan.

To be honest, I’m great at making plans … it’s the follow through that kills me E. V. E. R. Y. time.

So, here’s the skinny on how I’m making a more truly sustainable social media plan for Motif, one I can and will follow through – and may keep Shoma happy! Putting it here to you makes me accountable – and that’s a GOOD thing!

Now … for a good breakfast!

SNAP Set a Sustainable Goal
What do you want to accomplish with social media? … drive more traffic to your fair trade website? … build your environmentally conscious email list? … sell more eco-friendly products or services? … reach more socially aware prospective clients?

Potential goals abound! Choose one and focus. It can be simple. Choose one that makes sense for you and be specific. If you want to reach more potential clients, who are they and how many? If you want to drive traffic to your site, what kind and how much do you want to increase your traffic by?

CRACKLEChoose Your Tool
Which platforms can best help achieve your sustainable goal? Chances are you already have profiles on the big players and it’s likely best to start where you already have a following. BUT, do take a good look at your profile. Does it support your goal? Can you improve it? Take those steps now … Google will show you how!

POPPlan Your Interaction
This is huge and is where truly sustainable use of our time and money really starts.

  1. Identify a time to interact online each day. A look at the analytics for your chosen site shows when most followers engage with your posts – start there. If like me you want to spend 30 mins max. on social media each day, choose that window and use it intentionally on work only – in bold for my benefit ;P – keeping your goal in mind: connecting with other social businesses, commenting on posts, sharing information, and building your like-minded following.
  2. Make a content plan. What information will you share, how and when will you share it? Maybe infographics once a week and regular links to your blog posts. Consider posts that support your goal and do each type at least once every week or two.
  3. Schedule time to plan and create content, interact and assess your progress. If you can, take a day at the end of a month and create everything for the next 30 days. It doesn’t have to be a lot to start with – just regular.

Automated tools can help you keep up with the posting. Again, Google to the rescue for what fits best for your chosen social media platforms and goals.


Sustainable Interior Textiles from Bangladesh

And now for that sneak-peak! For Motif’s first collection of zero-waste, sustainable interior textiles Click Here. If you’re interested to import or retail these eco-friendly goods do be in touch at and I’ll send the price list. Look out for the main launch later this summer – Yes, I’m excited!!

Here are Motif’s current platforms – check in and see if you’d like to ‘like’ us 🙂


Author’s content adapted and used under license, © Claire Communications

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