Some things we simply ‘know’ are right, right? No scientific proof is needed. For us to stop and grin at spring bulbs busting up from the snow, or bask in long, early morning shadows tinged with dawn, just comes naturally!

Yet, when science gets a handle on these things and validates what we already know, well … it feels good. Reinforced ‘knowing’ is strengthens us, even emboldens us to venture into arenas yet unexplored!

So today, let’s grab a tasty drink, wrap ourselves in a sensuous piece of cloth, maybe even light a scented candle and carefully take in what the World Hope Forum (WHF) has to say on the matter.

Your Brain on Art: How the arts transform us – is a clarion call to take seriously what many of us have know at our core since we opened our eyes. This is how authors Susan Magsamen and Ivy Ross put it,

We made a bold assertion in the Introduction. We told you that arts and aesthetic experiences will improve your health and well-being and enhance your ability to learn and flourish. So let’s lay the groundwork for why that’s true.

Go to the WHF’s YouTube channel and select any one of those videos for a few moments of inspiration and encouragement to create and enjoy your own multi-sensory experiences.

As artists, designers, makers and wearers we’re all involved in this practice daily. Especially in our slow fashion tribe when it comes to the sustainable fabrics we bring next to our skin.

Jeune Otte handwoven fabrics

Hidden in plain sight!

We too often take for granted the vital nature of what we place next to our skin. Sustainable fashion house Jeune Otte however is incredibly intentional. Two of our very different handwoven fabrics, one luxurious, heavy handspun cotton and one cotton light as air, have added a beauty and sensuous simplicity to their recent collections. Click here or the pic for more info.

I recently heard Orsola de Castro say,
“If we could fall in love with our clothes, we’d be less like to throw them away. But that’s difficult when they’re made of such poor quality materials.”

Take a look at all the textiles that surround you in a day. Count them, you’ll be amazed! Now think about the moments ready to be transformed from mundane to magical. Just by the quality of fabric, your health and well being will improve … Science says so!

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Here’s to making things, all things, better together.

PS If you’d like some of our beautiful handwoven fabric for your own personal project, check out our Etsy Shop.
Sold by the 1/2 yd with free US shipping, you’ll find many affordable options to bring a little textile magic into your home or wardrobe.

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