Sustainable fabrics and slow fashion are still seen mostly as Women’s Work, and some baggage comes with that – especially in these days of shared responsibility at home and work! But, there is work happening in this realm we can hold onto with pride.

Recycled saris, cut into ribbons, are hand stitched into soft, textured, non-dyed cotton fabric by these dynamic young women in Bangladesh. Building hope with every stitch because, as a chorus of these resilient voices shared, “When we sew we don’t think about our old lives, we’re happy!”

And then what happens with these hope-filled, fair trade fabrics?custom skirt hand made with fabric hand stitched using recycled sari ribbon for flowers

Somebody, like designer/maker @mrsemily, falls in love with them … that’s what! Because she knows this Women’s Work inside out. Literally!

Building Hope & Confidence

Sitting with these gorgeous artisanal fabrics, figuring out how best to create a garment with them, Emily’s work ultimately is inspired by the women she designs for. Every skirt is tailor made to each sister’s size and lifestyle to ensure a perfect fit for both.

These fabrics that build hope in women, are transformed into skirts that build confidence in women. A garment that’s well fitted to your body, style and life moves with you throughout the day’s events and is a sound investment. So say MANY happy return customers over the last decade!

Emily’s new line of skirts are available now. Check out those created with handmade textiles for the MAX Women’s Work bang for your buck! Skirts that build hope, confidence and life for women, by women – because THAT is Women’s Work!

I hope you agree! Of course we welcome everyone else to join this wonderful work too – it’s what we’re here for!

If these hope-fuelled, hand-crafted fabrics are calling your name let me know! We have new Sari Stitch fabrics being made right now, with pre-order available.

Looking forward to more hope and confidence building Women’s Work for us all!

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