Does a blank page, or screen fuel your imagination or fill you with dread? My honest answer is a resounding, ‘YES!’ It really depends on the day. I mean, is it warm and sunny out?

But, give me a blank natural fabric and it’s a different story. Especially one that’s as beautiful and eco-friendly as ours 😉 How about you?

sustainable handspun handwoven medium cotton khadiBlank fabrics fire up inspiration like nothing else! To hold them, feel their weight – light and airy like breath on your skin; or heavy, chunky and full of cosy like these khadi cottons. To scrunch a corner and watch the creases unfurl in your palm, sharing clues to discover what together you’re made for. To pleat, gather and fold, playing with drapes and thinking where to place a little colour or embellishment. To … well, you know I could go on!

Ready For Dye Fabrics

Plain, natural fabrics are ready for anything, but in textile circles they’re known as Ready For Dye, or RFD. Of course there are a gazillion RFD materials.But around here we only go for top quality fabrics with top quality people & planet credentials.

ecofriendly cotton jute handwoven sheer fabricThis beautiful sheer fabric, handwoven with cotton and jute, is starched to create even more potential! No fraying when cut, craft into all kinds of forms and let that texture play with beads, thread, ribbons and more!

Sustainable sheer fabric drape, handwoven. Go Zero fabrics.When dyed, the rice based starch dissolves, leaving zero trace, and lots of casual folds. They drape beautifully around windows with style, and the body in summer wraps.

So, when that blank screen generates a blank gaze – grab yourself a piece of sustainable RFD fabric! You’ll see your ideas start flowing just as smoothly as those folds.

In fact, I’d love to help you with that! Banish the blank stares with 20% OFF any fabric on our ETSY Shop, still with free US shipping – Code: RFDLUV … ENJOY!

And if you need more than a few yards of fair trade fabric, all our in-stock sustainable handwoven fabrics, including many RFD plains, are available wholesale with MOQ of just 10yds. To receive free swatches and access to prices Request a Trade Account or log in here.

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