We’re all trying to get there … many of us anyway, each looking for ways to be more eco-friendly, make more sustainable choices and choose the smallest carbon footprint. It’s imperative that we consider these daily choices because as our environmental whistle-blower Greta Thunberg says,

The one thing we need more than hope is action. Once we start to act, hope is everywhere.

Just a few of the many groups supporting our ABSOLUTE sustainable fabric range.

Some time ago I submitted an application for a small KIVA loan. With my design training in handwoven textiles – and obsession with them 😉 plus where we’re at in our times, my proposal was to create a range of near zero carbon footprint fabrics for use by independent fashion and interior designers, especially those committed to ‘slow’ not ‘fast’ solutions. And thanks to fantastic partners in The Artisan Alliance and Kiva – it all went through … YEAH!

AND THEN … once posted, the loan was funded within a week by some amazingly wonderful and diverse groups. What better foundation for an eco-conscious project than a global band of people with practically every political, spiritual, intellectual and personal preference imaginable – we are in it together and it shows!


Great to have a laugh at work!

At the end of October I returned from Bangladesh to the US with weeks of product development behind me. Working with suppliers of yarn created from recycled garment waste to ensure no new fibre is used; with hand dyers using local plants in a beautiful range of colour-fast natural dyes to ensure toxic-free waste water and with a whole hand weaving community paid fair trade wages for these beautiful fabrics created with a carbon footprint as close to zero as it possibly can be.

AND NOW … we wait! Ironically the effects of climate change in Bangladesh set us back a few weeks as the Monsoon rains were unseasonably long. All yarn must be starched, using rice water for strength, before setting the loom and it took weeks rather than days to fully dry out! Some fabrics are now off the loom and looking fantastic – yippeee! Once all woven they’ll be washed to have the starch removed, pressed and sent by sea to reach the US by the end of December. Did you know the carbon emissions of air freight are exponentially higher than shipping by sea? A big factor in my equations and customer expectations going forward.


ABSOLUTE – near zero footprint fabrics.

Absolute zero is the lowest temperature possible. The point where absolutely no heat/energy is generated. Motif’s collection name ABSOLUTE for these new fabrics reflects the journey we’re on to generate absolutely no waste and as little carbon fueled energy as possible in what we use and wear. Thanks to our new found supporters through Kiva and long-standing partners at The Artisan Alliance, Motif is set to start 2020 with truly sustainable fabrics that support our shared concern for the well-being of our families, the strength of our global communities and the health of our planet. I’m SO glad to be in this together with you!

If you’re interested to partner with Motif as we bring our ABSOLUTE fabrics to market and also experiment with custom design, then please contact us.

Do you know of someone else who may be interested? Please forward this post and have them be in touch – it really is going to take a village to get this vision … along the river … as opposed to ‘off the ground’ – too much CO2 in that metaphor 😉

Looking forward to hearing from you and continuing to share the journey!Jackie_Corlett

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Jackie Corlett


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