Reflecting on these last weeks is hard and necessary work. Many of us who live with a just do the right thing philosophy are seeing that although it’s a healthy mindset to have, there are times our ethical choices need exercising, stretching, so we really do do the right thing.


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Many Questions

The history of pain and abuse the world’s Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) have experienced globally for generations, is documented to greater or lesser extent. Majority ethnic groups with political power – no matter their melanin level – seem ultimately unable to balance justice and equality without prejudice. Sadly too high a percentage is traceable to British and European Colonialism alongside the more regional hostilities.  Is this simply our human condition? In all the millennia we’ve existed has it ever been different? Can it be different now? I believe it is different now.

These are obviously huge and age-old questions, yet the answers are seemingly insignificant and always new. Tucked away in each of our lives is the everyday pulse of what is right and what is wrong, an ethical choice to be made anew and exercised every day, every moment. What stops us making that right choice? Fear – especially manipulative, media driven fear. It’s simply part of our human survival instinct, as fear focuses on a threat so I can escape or attack.  Fear of what we don’t understand is a big factor in making choices, fear of what others may say or think, and certainly fear of change plays its part too.


Courageous Conversations

Courageous Conversations

So, if we choose to not be afraid, can that right/wrong pulse be exercised? Absolutely! And we can see it is! On reflection it seems that just as we have physical, spiritual, mental and emotional muscle to exercise in different ways, we also have ethical muscle.

For me that ethical muscle is stretched in certain areas but not so much in regards to race. It’s there, but underused and therefore not effective. Many have posted helpful ‘workouts’ to strengthen our interracial understanding and practice so I’ll just mention one, Courageous Conversations. If you’re an educator, trainer, coach or communicator at any level, this work will help inform important conversations going forward. Excellent for exercising our ethical muscles and helping us to just do the right thing fearlessly!


Of course these essential actions to protest for justice, equality and change are happening against the backdrop of COVID19. In Bangladesh this is what’s front and centre. Just today a more extreme lockdown measure has begun in most of the capital, Dhaka. COVID19 deaths are rising rapidly with official numbers telling only part of the awful story. The situation is desperate.

The total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Bangladesh exceeded 94,000 after a record 3,862 new cases were detected in the last 24 hours. 16th June 2020

fair trade

Shani at Motif Handmade

Thankfully many of our Fair Trade partners are coming alongside with orders and gifts to help our artisans through this time.They know after their return there will be plenty of work and good wages ready for them.

Many thanks to you too for supporting our artisans through our new Fair Trade shop on Facebook – another meaningful way to exercise your ethical muscle! We’re adding new home textiles, scarves, fabric, purses and more each week. So do stop by and say Hi! Right Here.

We’re here for each other – always – it’s just the right thing to do!     Looking forward, Jackie

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