What’s love got to do with it?

Really? Tina? What were you thinking? Well, at least if we’re talking eco-conscious and sustainable life choices I’d say love has EVERYTHING to do with it – wouldn’t you?

But when Tina Turner launched this 80s anthem – filled with angst and self denial – we shouted those lyrics to the beat of distorted disco amps with the best of ’em! We all knew she was singing MY song! Or was that just me???

The years go by and before long it dawns … those unrequited loves and painful break-ups weren’t real love after all – not the type anyway that draws us to love others as we love ourselves as Jesus once said. Some say that sounds a bit selfish but honestly, with the right balance it’s the healthiest kind of love there is – and it’s the love at the heart of our concerns over climate change, the rapidly increasing extinction of species and the future of our children.


In the so called ‘developed’ world we’re in the throes of waking up from decades of self-inflicted ignorance about the consequences of our imbalanced self-love. Humans are a large and potent factor affecting most every part of our planet. As the sustainability movement grows we understand that to take care of our environment means in a large part to take care of ourselves in ways that not only do it no further harm, but also pro-actively help it grow and thrive again.

Many of us this week were thrilled to witness a nation’s self-love when Environment Minister Yeo Bee Yin acted on her earlier declaration, Malaysia will not be the dumping ground of the world! by sending100s of illegally shipped containers filled with the waste of nations back to where they came from. Her words echo a similar waking up, but this rather from decades of self-inflicted self interest that many countries in the so called ‘less developed’ world experienced. The chance to earn a quick buck as the world’s refuse collectors was too good to miss and they needed the money. Exploitation at its finest – what’s love got to do with it indeed!


sustainable fabrics

Handwoven fabric with recycled cotton yarn.

February’s focus on love abounds so let’s be sure to raise a recycled glass of our fave fair trade, organic to the love of our lives (literally) – Planet Earth, the one who supports us with all we’ll ever need and commit to love her as we love ourselves.

Here at Motif I’m in Bangladesh the next 2 months and working on our next collection of planet-loving sustainable materials and very cool interior accessories made from them. Fair Trade fabrics that are hand woven using yarn recycled from garment factory waste are the closest to zero impact goods we create.

AND I am SO excited that they’ll soon be available in the US!!

To keep posted on when our #sustainablefabrics become available, and to join us in some seriously sustainable planet-love, please sign up to our list here and find out just what love really has to do with it all!

Jackie Corlett
Founder & Creative Director
Motif Handmade

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